Student Portal Example

Welcome to the [insert your school's name here] student portal.

This is where you will find links to all sorts of helpful sites to support your learning.

This site is to provide a place to support student and family learning who may be at home.

These instructions are for your school site administrator - DELETE SECTION once done

  1. This 'student portal' is an example site, created to help you easily move your school's operations online. We suggest you make a copy of this site, then personalise it to suit your own school and student community.
  2. We suggest you set it up with a URL that is easy for your community to remember, for example: is our example URL. If you want help configuring this contact us.
  3. Some of the links used are placeholder/sample text, just to serve as a reminder to include them. For example the Facebook URL goes to our Learning Architects' page. Obviously if your school has a Facebook change, you need to change the URL accordingly so parents helping their child (or children themselves) can easily keep in touch. Otherwise delete the placeholder link.
  4. We suggest you put class/team pages as links off the Links page above.
  5. The pages on the site are also set up as examples which you should adapt for your context. As a starting point, we recommend you have a general links page, a section for parent information, a daily check in page for students, plus the skills for students page which you can be added to over time.
  6. Read the words on each page, in some cases we have suggested you link to school information such as your values/rules/guidelines for using devices and/or email/etc. This is indicated with [LINK TO THESE].

This straightforward format covers the basics that you need to get your school up and running online.

Because your school is likely to have unique needs, you can customise the site to suit.

If you are confident working within the template, you will find it very easy to navigate and update. However, if this is somewhat unfamiliar and you would like assistance, we are here to support you. Just get in touch with any of the Learning Architects team, and we'll be happy to help.

We've also put together some QUICKTIPS LINK that provide some easy tips and tricks to make your online life easier.


Rob Clarke

021 590 572