Staying connected

This page has ideas for how to stay connected while at home.

We will be using our Google system to enable students and staff to meet and interact online. Key to this is our daily Check In system which is similar to the school roll. All students are required to check in using this form by 9.10am each day.

Daily check in

  1. Students fill in this form each day as they 'arrive' ready for school.
  2. Students may request a 'call' from their teacher using this form if they wish to speak to him/her during the day. There will be opportunities to meet with classmates and your teacher(s) online throughout the week

Google Hangouts - for instant messaging between students and staff.

Google Hangouts Meet - for online video conferences between students and staff.

School Facebook page - for updates and notifications from the school.

Teachers and classes will be creating protocols for using this tool. We will also be creating class chatrooms for discussion.