This section has guidance for parents who are supporting their child at home.

We understand that parents are not teachers, and we do not expect you to sit beside your child(ren) and teach them 9-3 every day. We appreciate that every family situation will be different based on a variety of factors.

Given this, we have prepared this site to help students and families so that we can support learning from home.

This site is a work in progress which we will be updating as the situation unfolds. At the moment, we have identified some skills we think students may require to be able to stay connected with school and one another.

Teachers are working to make modifications to class programmes, which will offer suggestions and flexibility to support student learning. To the best of our ability, staff will be available during normal classroom hours to support learning.

Please realise staff are also dealing with similar issues to families - different factors will affect each staff member's availability. As the situation unfolds, we will identify each teacher's availability based on their needs. This will be communicated on this site.

These are the communication channels the school uses

This site is also a great way for you to stay connected with the school, using these channels:

      1. MailChimp - newsletter emails as usual from the Board and principal. This is the list for school wide updates regarding our evolving programmes and information regarding closure. All newsletters are on the website.
      2. Linc-ED - for teachers to send emails regarding class information.
      3. Facebook page - for celebrations of learning and reminders of notices that have been emailed via MailChimp.
      4. If you need personal contact with your child's teacher, let them know by email and he/she will contact you during school working hours.

The principal and leadership team will be regularly reviewing our processes to ensure we can provide support for your child's learning.